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Thornton Plumbing At Thornton Plumbing our mission is to educate our customers in making the right chooses when it comes to buying and installing professional plumbing products. We often help our customers with getting high quality sub-contractors to get an all-inclusive new look for their home. We are a company with Judeo Christian Values. This means we have a high moral interest in doing the right thing. We will not overlook a problem just to sell you what we want to sell you. Some might say that we treat you like family, and family deserves the very best. We will always respect your home. Some ways we do that is that we clean up after ourselves, we wear shoe covers when entering your home. Your home should look better than we found it. We have done our due diligence to hire some of the best plumbing techs in our industry. This is to keep the work quality high, and to the standards that our customers expect.